Sunday, March 28, 2010

Actress CHER RUE to appear on DR. PHIL TV Show on April 6 and 7‏th

On Friday, March 26, 2010 Wentworth Public Relations announced the Actress Cher Rue to appear on Dr. Phil TV Show on April 6 and 7th in Los Angeles on KCBS Channel 2 at 4pm M – F & KCAL Channel 9 at 7pm M – F (Check your local listing for your area). They will discuss about "The Ultimate Fat Debate" with Jillian Michaels (The Biggest Loser), Kelly Osborn, and Erica Watson(comedian).

Cher Rue an innovator in the Plus Size community for over 12 years, was always striving to help others especially those who were judged and made fun of. Co-host of her own Cable television show, "The Big Girls Show", touching the hearts of mainstream and the community she loves. She produced the show and created many show ideas. Cher was co-owner of three plus size nightclubs in the Southern California area and created many activities for the community. Co-Producer of the first, Plus size, Music Video with artist Johnny T, "Delicious Thickalicious." This is a plus size music video about plus size ladies and the men who love them. Cher was a plus size model, seen on advertisements along the sides of busses in Hollywood (BBW date admirer) and several online magazines. Business woman, entrepreneur, spokesperson and loved by many, Cher decided to move to mainstream and started doing Charity events with her good friend Jovy Janolo (St. Jude's Children's Hospital). This has been a huge success with many celebrities attending.

Now acting is her passion, and she can be seen on:
Big Love; Dr. Phil (Syndicated) (2007)
Club Bounce; Current TV (2007)
Big Girls; The Insider (2006)
Plus Size World; Good Morning America (2006)
XXL TRAVEL, Thursday, August 2 at 8 pm;Travel Channel (2008)
Secret Lives of Women, aired 6/17/08; Womens Entertainment channel
Secret Lives of Women (Size Matters); Kaos Entertainment (We channel)(2008)
Housewives of OC, Club person; Bravo TV (2009)

(On the picture Actress Cher Rue and Tamara Wentworth)

Cher is known as an ICON in the Plus size community, but with all her love and support of others she is making a name for herself in Mainstream Hollywood!

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Editor's Note: Cher Congratulations with your career

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