Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crimes of the Heart Premieres in North Hollywood - A Must-See Family Play This Summer

If you are looking for something to do next or this weekend (this month), then go see" Crimes of the Heart" , a play that premiered last weekend at the Whitmore Lindley Theatre in North Hollywood, CA.
"Crimes of the Heart" was written by Beth Henley, who won The Pulitzer Prize and The New York Drama Critics Circle Award for the play. It is directed by Veronica DiPippo and produced by Sonia Curtis Acerra and Alicia Benavides Greenfield.

It's sad to see how we forget each other's special moments like birthdays. I related to the play because for over 7 years our family does not remember to celebrate each others special days including birthdays.

Songirl Sez who wrote a review on Crimes of the Heart published on August 15, 2010 on Diversity News quoted Ms. Greenfield and here is what she told her “I’ve seen the film,and after reading the play by Beth Henley , I realized that it depicted and magnified quirky, dysfunctional, and traditional families. I felt strongly that anyone can relate to this fun emotional roller-coaster, hopefully not every day, but enough to feel for this strong characters portray in Beth Henley play.” said Alicia Benavides Greenfield, producer & actress.

Watching the play on the premier night of August 13, 2010 was exciting because I saw the movie on the same day and I can tell you that it is a classy, dramatic and somewhat suspenseful play.

Sonia Curtis who plays the main character as Lenny, did an excellent job in bringing Lenny to life throughout the play. Sonia Curtis performance was flawless and did not miss a beat in all three acts of the play.


Crimes of the Heart Premieres in North Hollywood - A Must-See Family Play This Summer - Los Angeles events

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